Français: On aperçoit sur la droite la chevelure blonde ondulée d'une personne qui observe un groupe de personnes sur la gauche.Le groupe est autour d'un cheval blanc, de dos, qui est monté par une fillette maintenue par un dossier au-dessus de la selle. English: We see on the right the wavy blond hair of a person who observes a group of people on the left.The group is around a white horse, from behind, which is ridden by a young girl held by a backrest above the saddle.

The Hippolib in “Adapté”

A new show called “Adapté” will be broadcast on AMI (Accessible Media Inc) from September 4, 2023. In the various episodes of the season, Ingrid Falaise and the team of Trinome & filles allowed persons with disabilities to participate in great sporting experiences.

As shown in the following excerpt from the August 12 show “Ca me regarde”, an episode was filmed at the Ranch Thérapeutique Cheval de Soie which uses a Hippolib🐎: link to the show (the start of the interview with Ingrid Falaise about Adapté starts at 11:42 and the excerpt with the Hippolib starts at 14:24).

Another equipment offered by Zero Limit’ participated in an episode but we keep it a surprise. A hint is in the video… 😉

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