Français: Un groupe de personnes est en forêt dans une montée assez forte. Toutes et tous tirent et poussent une Joëlette qu'on devine derrière les arbres. English: A group of people is in the forest on a quite steep climb. All of them pull and push what we guess to be a Joëlette, behind the trees.

The Mont Albert ascent filmed

The ascent of Mont Albert with a Joëlette on July 29 took place by the eye of cameras.🎥

A preview of this adventure is now available and believe us, it deserves to be watched!

Also, Fernand Courchesne and his inclusive team have launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs for the editing and the broadcasting of a longer film. The purpose of this film is to share this great experience, and to raise awareness about inclusivity.

Here is the link to watch the video, but also to support this project for those who wish:

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