Francais: Affiche de présentation du programme Population Active English: Poste introducing the Active Population grant program

Active Population grant program

NPOs and Municipalities* of Quebec, this post is for you (sorry for the other provinces – feel free to keep us updated for any new program of your knowledge):

The Active Population grant program marks its return until October 6th. It allows the funding of adaptive equipment up to $9500!

With this amount, all equipment offered by Zero Limit’ apart from the Joëlette eMotion can be covered up to 100%, including the Joëlette Finisher! It is even possible to combine 2 pieces of equipment in the same request.

Here are some examples of combinations for a total of less than $9500 (it is however possible to exceed them):

Do not hesitate to contact us for any quote request, information on the program or the equipment, it will be our pleasure to help you in your efforts!

*Municipalities cannot apply directly but can do so with a partner NPO

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