We received exceptional service from Gilles.
He knew how to inform us and direct us throughout the process of purchasing and receiving our Joëlettes.
Thank you for everything.
Great 5 star service!
Support and follow-up from Gilles from start to finish! Quick and easy service, well explained, and well supported in our purchasing process.

We look forward to this summer to use it with our customers.
We got a Joëlette for our daughter who has a disability, and we are more than satisfied.

Being now too heavy for the hiking bag, this device allows us to show her lots of places she would not have had access to in a wheelchair!

Our desire to include her can now continue, thanks to a flawless service from the representative and a device adapted to our lifestyle!
Zero Limit’ opens up incredible opportunities for us with its very high quality equipment. R.A.S recommends Zero Limit’ for its professionalism, its products and its ability to listen to the needs of people with disabilities.
You provide an excellent service. You are available and give good advice. Your support in the process is really appreciated.
The Joëlette was a great discovery. I did the hike with the classic single-wheel version, a beautiful moment.

I loved being able to go on the trail which normally would have been inaccessible in a standard manual wheelchair. A great relaxing activity where you can simply enjoy the moment and nature. I definitely recommend it!
We were with a group of adults with an intellectual disability.
The Joëlette scared them at first, but after all they loved it. Some said it was the best day of their life!🤩
How lucky to have been able to enjoy a stay at the beach without having to worry about taking our daughter Phebe, 14 years old with cerebral palsy, to the water!

The Sofao has been tested in all its aspects:
*Easy transport in the vehicle, and easy to access
*Ideal transport at the beach in order to move without too much effort on soft or hard sand
*Safe with its straps for the person's position as well as the stability on the water
*Maximum floatability, even with some waves

Our daughter was able to fully enjoy a safe swim and to be present with her family for long hours on the water! Her smile shows her enjoyment and her love for her new chair!

I recommend buying this revolutionary new chair to spend some quality time with the whole family!🥰

A huge thank you for this invention!♥️
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