Zero Limit’s mission is to push the limits of the impossible with innovative equipment allowing the practice of activities which are hardly, or not accessible to persons with disabilities.


As representative, reseller, importer and distributor of high quality equipment, our goal is to deliver the best solutions, in terms of products and customer service.


Some of our values


All individuals are entitled to their place, within society, and for participating to all kinds of activities.


We are driven by the desire to offer, with passion and determination, solutions that improve the lives of people with a disability (permanent or temporary).


Quality is at the heart of our concerns. Safety, reliability and durability are among our top priorities.


We are committed to taking care of your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"Two years as a Joëlette & Co partner have made my passion grow for everything that brings new or rediscovered possibilities to persons with special needs.

The opportunity to offer exceptional products, bringing happiness, made me want to continue on this path and look for other gems to share."
Gilles Roure

Our partner brands

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