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Zero Limit’ is a Canadian company dedicated to providing adaptive equipment for people with a disability or a mobility loss. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy different activities and benefit of the outdoors and sports.

That is why we have selected a range of innovative and ingenious pieces of equipment allowing to push back the limits of the impossible.

Trois personnes sont vues de haut sur un lac gelé avec au premier plan un jeune garcon et un peu plus loin une femme dans un fauteuil roulant sur un Lugicap Ice Perf avec un homme derrière / Three people are seen from above on a frozen lake with a young boy in the foreground and a little further on a woman in a wheelchair on a Lugicap Ice Perf with a man behind
English follows: Une jeune femme est assise dans une Joëlette qui monte une montée, tirée par une autre jeune femme, et poussée par un jeune homme. Tous sont souriants. A young woman is sitting in a Joëlette going uphill, being pulled by another young woman, and pushed by a young man. All are smiling.

Whether you are looking for a racing or hiking wheelchair to be able to go anywhere, a chair to enjoy a real swim or to be able to slide on ice or snow, or even a way to practice horseback riding, we’ve got it… and we want to go further to help doing more and more activities. 

We are proud to work with exclusive trusted partners who create and manufacture awesome and quality products.

Personne sur un cheval avec un Hippolib / A person is horseback riding with a Hippolib

You are an adaptive equipment manufacturer and you would you like your equipment to be offered in a part or the whole Canada, or in North America?

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