Français: Deux personnes sont dans des vélos allongés en train de descendre une route de montagne. Les deux ont un grand sourire. English: Two persons are in recumbent bikes going down a mountain road. Both have big smiles.

Tadpole Trikes

The three-wheel recumbent bikes (or laidback bikes), also called “Trikes”, are an ideal solution to get around, have a stroll, or even travel. Whether you have back or muscle pain, balance problems or not, recumbent bicycles enable you to cover short and long distances with comfort and great stability. The tadpole tricycles (with two front wheels) Gekko and Scorpion offer a great deal […]

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Français: Un homme est sur un vélo à mains à trois roues. Il est dans un champ à la campagne et roule vers la droite de l'image. Il a un air amusé. English: A man is riding a three-wheeled handcycle. He is in a field in the countryside, riding towards the right of the picture. He looks like he is having fun.


Thanks to HP Velotechnik’s “Hands on Cycle” module, the Gekko and Scorpion trikes become handcycles.  Getting around and enjoying bicycle rides is now possible and pleasant for people who cannot or prefer not to use their legs to pedal.   Easy to use, the Gekko and Scorpion handcycles also offer comfort and safety, thanks in particular to the pedal box which contains all the parts and wiring

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Français: Un homme est sur un vélo à trois roues. Il est sur une place pavée devant des maisons européennes anciennes. Il avance en direction de la droite de l'image a un léger sourire. English: A man is on a three-wheeled bicycle. He is on a paved square in front of old European houses. He is moving towards the right of the image, smiling slightly.

Delta tx

With its two rear wheels, a lower frame, a higher seat and a long handlebar, the three wheel Delta tx bike allows getting on very easily and enjoying its outstanding comfort.   This chopper-style electric trike, aka eTrike is available with different motorizations and levels of assistance. Between the Bafang M300, the Shimano STEPS E5000 and E6100 models, or even the EP801 Cargo with

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Français: Deux personnes au loin randonnent sur la neige et devant un forêt de sapins. On les voit avancer, légèrement tournés vers la gauche. Elles sont habillées chaudement et portent des lunettes de soleil La personne à droite est sur un fauteuil roulant qui est sur un Lugicap Snow qui est une plateforme avec des skis. Le Lugicap Snow est tracté avec une corde par la personne qui est sur la gauche. Elle marche avec des raquettes et à l'aide de bâtons. English: Two people in the distance are hiking on the snow and in front of a spruce forest. We see them moving forward, slightly turned to the left. They are dressed warmly and wearing sunglasses. The person on the right is on a wheelchair who is on a Lugicap Snow which is a platform with skis. The Lugicap Snow is tracted with a rope by the person on the left who has snowshoes and poles


Would you like to be able to enjoy or share winter walks? The Lugicap Snow allows you to hike on the snow while staying in your own chair, with one or more accompanyists, on foot or snowshoes. The Snow is adjustable to adapt to the greatest number of 4-wheel chairs. But that’s not it… Thanks to

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Français: Deux personnes, une assise dans une Joëlette Finisher, et l'autre qui la pousse, participent à une course sur une route asphaltée. Elles sont orientées vers le bas à droite de l'image Des personnes autour participent ou regardent la course et il y a aussi une femme qui sourit en tenant un des bras avant d'une Joëlette Kid. English: Two people, one sitting in a Joëlette Finisher, and the other pushing it, take part in a race on an asphalt road. They are oriented towards the bottom right of the image People around participate or watch the race and there is also a woman who smiles while holding one of the front arms of a Joëlette Kid.

Joëlette Finisher

You like to run, or stroll on the roads or bikeways? The Finisher is the perfect chair!   Its stability and maneuverability ensure optimal performances, no matter the distance.       Safety and comfort are assured thanks to its solidity, its hydraulic disc brakes, and its memory foam cushions. Plus, it comes in two seat sizes: 48cm/19″ and 42cm/16.5″. The Finisher in action For easy transport and storage, the Joëlette

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Joëlette Kid

The Joëlette Kid has been designed by Joëlette and Co to allow children up to 30 kg / 65 lbs to participate in hikes or races on all terrains, even the most difficult ones. Very handy and easy to use, the Joëlette Kid only requires one accompanist. To share the fun or go really anywhere, add the front arms (optional) in seconds, and off you go!

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Français: Un homme est sur un fauteuil roulant équipement d'une roue avant FreeWheel. Il est sur un chemin en poussière de roche dans un paysage du Colorade avec des prairies à droite et à gauche, et des montagnes dans le fond. English: A man is in a wheelchair equipped with a FreeWheel front wheel. He is on a rock dust path in a Colorade landscape with meadows to the right and left, and mountains in the background.


You would like to make your wheelchair more versatile and all-terrain? Whether it is for running, strolling, or even hiking, the FreeWheel is the solution! Thanks to the different models and adapters, the FreeWheel can be installed on a wide variety of fixed and folding chairs* (*optional adapter required). The standard model is designed for chairs with a footrest from 2 to

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