GRIT Freedom Chair

GRIT Freedom Chairs are three wheeled wheelchairs equipped with levers allowing to go foward thanks to back and forth arm movements.

They can be used on one’s own, or with the help of one or two other persons, by pushing with the rear handles  (standard on Spartan and Junior, or optional), and/or pulling thanks to the lanyard attachment  (optional).

While three-wheelers offer greater stability than four-wheelers, the wheel drive system allows strolling over more difficult terrain with less force  and without getting dirty!

The GRIT Freedom Chair in action

The GRIT Freedom Chair is available in four models.
All can be used for hiking, running or strolling.

GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0
Standard version with
mountain bike wheels
GRIT Freedom Chair
Wheels for tougher terrains
Accompanying rear handles
Better comfort cushion
GRIT Freedom Chair
Spinergy wheels
Enhanced cushion
Matrx backrest for best comfort
Spokes and levers
color choice
GRIT Junior
For Kids
2 seat widths available
(11 to 12"or below)
Accompanying rear handles
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Français: Grit Freedom Chair démonté English: Disassembled Grit Freedom Chair
Grit Freedom Chair

Each model is easy to transport and store thanks to quick and simple disassembly

Français: Grit Junior démonté English: Disassembled Grit Junior
Grit Junior

Some of the available options

GRIT Freedom Chairs are made by

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