Joëlette Finisher

You like to run, or stroll on the roads or bikeways?

The Finisher is the perfect chair!


Its stability and maneuverability ensure optimal performances, no matter the distance.



  Safety and comfort are assured thanks to its solidity, its hydraulic disc brakes, and its memory foam cushions. Plus, it comes in two seat sizes: 48cm/19″ and 42cm/16.5″.

The Finisher in action

For easy transport and storage, the Joëlette Finisher can be assembled and disassembled quickly.


Français: Joëlette Finisher pliée et rangée dans la valise d'une auto English: Folded Joëlette Finisher in a car's trunk

Some features

The features and characteristics of the Joelette Finisher

Available options

The available options for the Joëlette Finisher

Mounting instructions

The Finisher is made by

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