Francais: Une femme (à droite) et un homme (à gauche) sont assis sur et parmi différents équipements adaptés dans une grande pièce. English: A woman (on the right) and a man (on the left) are sitting on and among adapted equipment in a vast room

Accessibility at the Chalets Lanaudiere

Would you like to be able to go to a place that offers not only the rental of adapted cottage, but also a wide range of adapted equipment for different activities?We can only recommend Chalets Lanaudière in Rawdon. On site, you can enjoy an Ice Perf, a one-wheel Joëlette, a Joëlette Kid, a Sofao,… and a little

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Français: Un Sofao sur une plage avec un lac derrière est vu de profil, dossier vers la gauche de l'image. English: A Sofao on a beach with a lake behind, is seen from the side, with the backrest to the left of the image.

Day at the beach

The Lake Simon Crossing / Traversée du Lac Simon and the MRC de Papineau organized a day at the beach this Wednesday with the participation of the Persons with Disabilities Association of Papineau (Association pour Personnes Handicapées de Papineau) and Loisir sport Outaouais. All our pieces of equipment were out, for display, for the occasion, but

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Francais: une femme et un homme habillés sont debout derrière un Sofao, dans la zone peu profonde d'une piscine extérieure. Tous les deux ont le sourire. English: a dressed woman and a dressed man are standing behind a Sofao, in the shallow area of an outdoor swimming pool. Both are smiling.

Swimming for all at Saint Amable

The town of Saint-Amable (Ville de Saint-Amable – QC) has just announced the acquisition of adaptive pieces of equipment in partnership with the organization “Les Anges du Partage” (The Angels of Sharing). This includes a Sofao which allows people with disabilities to safely and comfortably enjoy the pool and make the most of the summer.

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Deux personnes sont dans l'eau à la plage. Une des personnes est allongées sur un Sofao qui flotte et l'autre est à l'avant du Sofao, en train de le tenir / Two persons are at the beach, in the water. One of the persons is laying in a floatting Sofao and the other one, at the front, is holding the Sofao.

People with disabilities week and National AccessAbility week – Sofao

This week is the people with disabilities week and the National AccessAbility week. On this occasion, we are going to present in videos, each of the equipment offered by Zero Limit’. For a start, with the heat and the sun starting to set in, the Sofao is opening the ball. Here is the video (audio

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