Photo d'Arlette Fara, animatrice de l'émission Le Pied dans la Porte / Picture of Arlette Fara, host of the radio show "Le Pied dans la Porte" (French for "The Foot in the Door")

Zero Limit’ has a “foot in the door”

Arlette Fara, Serge Yvan Bourque and Canal M honored Gilles, creator de Zero Limit’ , by receiving him on the show “Le Pied dans la Porte” (“The Foot in the Door” in French)

Here is a link to the recording of this show (only available in French):

A huge thank you for this invitation and the warm welcome!

PS: this show was pre-recorded which explains why we have not talked about the Lugicap Ice Perf, nor the inclusive hike at the Mount Royal.

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