Français: On peut voir l'ensemble de la gamme Joëlette & Co avec de gauche à droite: Joëlette Adventure, Joëlette Finisher, Joëlette Kid, Sofao English: The entire Joëlette and Co range is shown with, from left to right: Joëlette Adventure, Joëlette Finisher, Joëlette Kid, Sofao

Joëlette and Co, from rep to reseller

Zero Limit’ previously offered Joëlette and Co equipment as a representative. Things change by becoming a reseller.

What doesn’t change:
– the quality of service and equipment
– the availability of Joëlette & Co equipment and shipping made directly by the manufacturer.

What changes:
– Zero Limit’ prepares the quotes and invoices locally
– prices are now in Canadian Dollars and are no longer indicative
– We take care of the entire import process. Everything becomes even simpler and faster, including delivery!

A new price list is now available. In addition, even if the Joëlette Finisher will only be available for delivery soon, do not hesitate to contact us to ask for a quote.

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