Thanks to HP Velotechnik’s “Hands on Cycle” module, the Gekko and Scorpion trikes become handcycles

Getting around and enjoying bicycle rides is now possible and pleasant for people who cannot or prefer not to use their legs to pedal.


Easy to use, the Gekko and Scorpion handcycles also offer comfort and safety, thanks in particular to the pedal box which contains all the parts and wiring to avoid any risk of contact.

Two models are available:

Français: Vélos à mains Scorpion et Gekko face à face English: Scorpion and Gekko Hands on bikes face to face

Scorpion fs 20

Fully suspended with

a 20″ rear wheel

and very numerous options



Gekko fx 26

Rear suspension with

a 26″ rear wheel and

a choice among essential options



Both versions are foldable and available in electric version.

Options include foot plates and calf braces for more
 support and comfort.

The Gekko and the Scorpion are made by

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