Access Trax

The Access Trax is an accessibility mat made of 3′ by 3′ (approx. 91 cm) tiles. Tiles can be connected and fixed together with hinges to create paths and zones of any desired length and width .

It is 
quick and easy to installremove, store and transport (even by car or plane).

Access Trax tiles are
 lightstable, durable… and recyclable!

The Access Trax in action

Une personne déplie des dalle Access Trax sur une plage de sable

The Access Trax is the perfect solution whether for a permanent or temporary use, for a short or a long time.

It can be used as a 
beach mat on sand, but also on all other surfaces: snowgravel, grass, …

Available accessories

Additional hinges

To connect mats and create zones

of the desired length and width

By 12

Carrying strap

To transport up to 10 tiles

Includes: 2 paracord loops, 2 carabiner and

1 strap with cushion

Installation instructions

The Access Trax is made by

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