Tadpole trikes

The three-wheel recumbent bikes (or laidback bikes), also called “Trikes”, are an ideal solution to get around, have a stroll, or even travel.

Whether you have back or muscle pain, balance problems or not, recumbent bicycles enable you to cover short and long distances with comfort and great stability.

The tadpole tricycles (with two front wheels) Gekko and Scorpion offer a great deal of equipment and possibilities.

The Gekko serie

✓ Affordable

Back suspension (except Gekko 26)
✓ Foldable (except Gekko 26)
✓ 20″ or 26″ rear wheel

✓ Manual or electric

Small size/children version  (fxs)

✓ A smart selection of options

The Scorpion serie

✓ Optimal performance and comfort

✓ Rear suspension (fx) or fully suspended (fs)

✓ Foldable 

✓ 20″ or 26″ rear wheel

✓ Manual or electric

“Plus” version with a higher, wider and more comfortable seat

All-terrain Enduro version

Numerous available options

Folding the Gekko

Folding the Scorpion

The Gekko and the Scorpion are made by

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