Français: Un homme est sur un fauteuil roulant équipement d'une roue avant FreeWheel. Il est sur un chemin en poussière de roche dans un paysage du Colorade avec des prairies à droite et à gauche, et des montagnes dans le fond. English: A man is in a wheelchair equipped with a FreeWheel front wheel. He is on a rock dust path in a Colorade landscape with meadows to the right and left, and mountains in the background.


You would like to make your wheelchair more versatile and all-terrain? Whether it is for running, strolling, or even hiking, the FreeWheel is the solution! Thanks to the different models and adapters, the FreeWheel can be installed on a wide variety of fixed and folding chairs* (*optional adapter required). The standard model is designed for chairs with a footrest from 2 to […]

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