Lugicap Snow

Would you like to be able to enjoy or share winter walks? The Lugicap Snow allows you to hike on the snow while staying in your own chair, with one or more accompanyists, on foot or snowshoes.

Just like the Ice Perf, the Lugicap Snow is adjustable to adapt to 
the greatest number of 4-wheel chairs. But that’s not it…


Thanks to the optional Ice kit, it is possible to turn it into a sled to slide on the ice, like with the Ice Perf!


Français: Un jeune homme pousse un autre jeune homme qui est sur un fauteuil roulant sur un Lugicap Ice Perf dans un arena English: A young man is pushing another young man who is on a wheelchair which is on a Lugicap Ice Perf, in an arena

Other available options:

– safety harness for better support

– traction rope with or without harness

– measuring tool

– carrying bag



The Lugicap Snow is an equipment made by

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