Joëlette Kid

The Joëlette Kid has been designed by Joëlette and Co to allow children under 30 kg / 65 lbs to participate in hikes or races on all terrains, even the most difficult ones.

handy and easy to use, the Joëlette Kid only requires one accompanist.

share the fun and/or go really anywhere, add the front arms (optional) in seconds.

Like its “big sister”, the Joëlette, the “Kid” is easy to store (bags sold seperately) and transport.

It also offers maximum safety thanks to its suspension and disk brake.

Sacs de rangement pour Joëlette pour enfant / Storage and carrying bags for the Joelette Kid

Introduction of the Joëlette Kid

The Joëlette Kid's options

Photo de toutes les options disponibles pour la Joëlette pour enfant / Picture of all the available options for the Joëlette Kid

Unfolding / assembling the Joëlette Kid

The Joëlette Kid is made by

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