The Joëlette is a Joëlette and Co all-terrain wheelchair specially designed for hiking, trail running or running anywhere, even the most inaccessible places.


It can be used regardless of the disability or the level of mobility


The Joëlette is available in two versions:

Logo Joëlette Adventure

Ideal to go everywhere, without limit… except the accompanists’.

To go further, and overcome obstacles more easily thanks to its powerful electric motor

Created more than 30 years ago, the Joëlette has evolved with time to become a reference in terms of performancecomfort and safety (notably thanks to its disk brake, suspension, and fat bike wheel). 



Using it does not require any particular skill or condition for the guides, apart from the precautions required for any physical activity (adapt hike to fitness level, and difficulty to experience).

Introduction of the Joëlette

The options available

Joëlette shown with the available options

Dimensions once folded

Joëlette Pliée avec les dimensions / Folded Joëlette with its dimensions

Unfolding the Joëlette Adventure

Instructions for using the Joëlette

The model presented is the previous one but the instructions remain identical

The Joëlette is an equipment made by

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