The Hippolib® is a saddle module designed by Mouvly to allow the practice of horseback riding equine therapy, for both children and adults with a disability. 

It can also be used for people who need to feel reassured.


Created in partnership with the Cadre Noir elite national riding school (France), the Hippolib® meets all the requirements related to the practice of horse riding in terms of comfortperformance and safety

The rider’s security is ensured by a release system in case the horse would become too agitated.


The Hippolib® is available with three different backrest models, offered individually or together, to adapt to the agethe size and the needs of each person:

for kids

The V-TRAK backrest for children adapts perfectly to the morphology to ensure excellent support and comfort.

for adultes

V-TRAK backrest, similar to the kid model, in larger size and just as adaptable.

with low back rest

This model is for people with more back strength and less support need .

Introduction and installation of the Hippolib

The Hippolib is an equipment made by

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